27 – 30 / 9 / 2022
Singapore EXPO

Travelling to Singapore

Travelling to Singapore

From 1 April 2022, all travellers fully vaccinated with WHO EUL COVID-19 vaccines* enjoy quarantine-free travel in Singapore; pre-departure and on-arrival test is not required for these travellers.

Singapore has implemented a COVID-19 Vaccinated Travel Framework to facilitate the resumption of travel. This new travel framework replaces previous SafeTravel Lanes such as the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL), and applies to all travellers entering Singapore, including Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents. Click here to find out more from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) – Singapore.

Travellers are strongly advised to follow all the steps in ICA’s Checklist for Fully Vaccinated Travellers to ensure that their journey to Singapore is smooth and that they will be accorded the measures for vaccinated travellers.

*To be considered fully vaccinated, travellers must have taken at least one dose of Janssen/J&J, or at least 2 doses of AstraZeneca, Covaxin, Moderna/Spikevax, Covishield, Novavax, Pfizer/BioNTech/COMIRNATY, Sinovac or Sinopharm. Mixtures and boosters of these WHO EUL vaccines, and recovery from COVID-19 with vaccination, are also acceptable. For full definition of acceptable vaccinations and dose intervals for entry to Singapore, refer to this page.

Useful Mobile App

TraceTogether app

Check-in with the TraceTogether app or token is no longer required, except at larger events with more than 500 people and certain nightlife establishment.

IMPORTANT: When you enter Singapore EXPO, TraceTogether check-in at designated entry points via the TraceTogether app or token is mandatory.

Click here to find out more and download the app before arriving in Singapore.

Visit Singapore Travel Guide app

Learn how to use the Visit Singapore Travel Guide app and discover a city of passion with a swipe of your fingertips. Find out more.

Situated around one degree north of the Equator, Singapore is the most modern metropolis in Southeast Asia, blending Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures and religions.

Quick Facts


The Singapore dollar notes in everyday circulation are S$2, S$5, S$10, S$50, S$100, S$1,000 and S$10,000. Coins come in 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents and S$1.

Duties and Goods
& Services Tax

Singapore is generally a free port and applies a Most-Favoured-Nation (MFN) zero-duty to more than 99 percent of its imports, including jewellery.

All goods brought into Singapore are subject to 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST).

However, goods imported on a temporary basis for the purpose of exhibitions, repairs or other approved purposes, may be granted GST relief under the Temporary Import Scheme (TIS).

Please refer to the Temporary Import Scheme on the conditions and permit procedures for goods imported under the TIS.

Visit the Singapore Customs website for more information.

Entry Visa

Click here to check visa requirements to enter Singapore


Most Singaporeans are fluent in English. Many also speak an additional language, usually Mandarin Chinese, Malay or Tamil.

No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in all air-conditioned places such as malls and eateries except in designated smoking areas.

Your cigarettes/tobacco products are for personal use only and should not exceed 400g.

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Power Plug

The standard electrical current used in Singapore is 220-240 volts AC (50 cycles) and power plugs with three square prongs are used.

Safe Drinking

You can drink water straight from the tap as the water in Singapore passes World Health Organization standards. Bottled water is also easily available.

Tax Refund

Tourists can claim a refund on the 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid on your purchases if you spend more than S$100 at any participating shops.

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Tipping is encouraged when you experience good service, and this would be above the standard 10 percent gratuity to your bill added by some restaurants and hotels.

Travel Requirements
for Tourists

Find out how you can travel responsibly to and around Singapore.

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Useful Numbers

Police 999

Ambulance & Fire Brigade 995

Flight Information 1800 542 4422


Singapore is hot and humid all year-round, with temperatures usually reaching over 30°C (86°F). You should be prepared for rain at any time, which can be torrential but usually brief.

Wi-Fi &

Visitors can access free Wi-Fi at any Wireless@SGx hotspot with their foreign mobile numbers by downloading the Wireless@SGx App. Overseas charges may apply.

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Source:  Singapore Tourism Board website

While in Singapore…

Take advantage of Singapore’s world-class leisure and entertainment options and –
if your schedule allows – explore the city-state’s unique attractions and colourful and rich history.

To know more about Singapore’s tourism offerings, visit Singapore Tourism Board website

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