27 – 30 / 9 / 2022
Singapore EXPO

Theme Pavilions

CORE Pavilion

Launched in June 2017, the CORE Pavilion (located in Halls 1CDE) features esteemed fine finished jewellery companies that have supported the Jewellery & Gem Fairs in Hong Kong in the past years. Click to see details…

International Premier Pavilion

The International Premier Pavilion offers a constellation of around 40 world-class jewellery brands and their top-notch masterpieces under one roof. They are located in Halls 3C & D of HKCEC. Click to see details…

Fine Design Pavilion

The Fine Design Pavilion at the Grand Hall of HKCEC houses over 70 internationally renowned jewellers who have made utmost quality and value as their philosophy. Their most exquisite jewels, antique and estates jewellery, top-quality bejewelled watches and other remarkable timepieces await. Click to see details…

Fine Gem Pavilion

Located in Hall 9 of AWE, the Fine Gem Pavilion houses more than 70 esteemed local and overseas exhibitors are sure to captivate buyers with some of the world’s finest gemstones, loose diamonds and pearls. Click to see details…

More information will be available soon. Please stay tuned.

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